If I sign up for one location, am I only allowed to go to that location?

No. You chose a main location but then you are allowed to train at other locations ensuring you stick to the number of sessions allowed under your chosen package.

What if I have injuries?

Most injuries we can cater for and provide alternative exercise for any limitation you may have.  If you are unsure, contact us to discuss options.   

What if i'm going away in the middle of a round?

You are able to place your payments on hold for 2 weeks during each round.  

How does payment work?

The first payment is processed on the Thursday before a new round.  You can choose to pay upfront with a 1 week free discount, or you can pay fortnightly debits.  All we need is credit card or bank details and we process payments through a debit system.

What if I dont have facebook?

All session plans, recipes, workouts and other info posted in the Facebook closed group can be email to you if you do not have Facebook.  

What if it rains?

We will generally train, rain, hail or shine.  There are undercover areas we will utilize if the weather is wet, close to the usual meeting spots.  No excuses for our ladies :) 

If I cant make it to 3 sessions one week, can I make up for it in another week?

Yes you can, however they must be used within the same round.  Missed session will not carry over into a new round.

If I start on one package, can I upgrade/downgrade to a different one?

Yes you can

What happens to sessions on public holidays?

We run a combined session in the city for all ladies to attend, held at 7:00am.  

What does "No Lock in Contracts" mean?

You can cancel your membership at any time with just 2 weeks notice.  Although we work in 12 week rounds, it does not mean you are locked in for the full 12 weeks.   

What happens to my payments at the end of a round?

Your payments will automatically roll over to the next round unless you tell us you wish to cancel.  We do give plenty of notice about cancelling, the payments will not roll over without your knowledge.