This is the most organised fitness group I’ve ever trained with. Outlined session plans the week before, weekly challenges, a weekly recipe, one at home workout a week, special sessions including Pilates, nutrition advice and numerous locations all over Canberra! Trainers are awesome, sessions are always different and the groups are full of great people. Give it a go, you won’t be sorry!!!!  


~ Regan F

FemmeFit Bootcamp has drastically changed the way I approach exercise. It is been incredible to see how much strength and confidence I have gained in tackling activities I never knew I had the capacity to do. Bootcamp has also done wonders for my mental health. The trainers are all absolutely fantastic - super knowledgeable, supportive and capable of giving that push when you feel you need a little bit of support. FemmeFit Bootcamp has positively affected my attitude to exercise and wellbeing and I'm looking forward to kicking more goals and feeling even fitter, stronger and healthier! 


~ Ada K

I have always struggled to stick to an exercise routine and really dislike gyms. I have spent years trying to find a form of exercise that I enjoy and I have finally found that in FemmeFit Bootcamp. Both the trainers and the other bootcampers are super supportive and non judgemental. The sessions are challenging but you can easily adjust it to suit your own fitness levels and accommodate for any injuries. I started seeing results after only a few weeks. Would highly recommend!!


~ Courtney T


I have been attending FemmeFit bootcamp for about 10 weeks and really enjoy them! The sessions are really challenging but fun. The instructor are experienced and knowledgeable. I can feel myself getting fitter and stronger by the day! I also like the extras like Pilates classes, sessions on nutrition etc. Highly recommended!  


~ Amber T


Could not recommend this place enough. The trainers are always willing to help and coach you through each exercise. It's really built my confidence up in working out as well as every day life. Each sessions different so you never get bored and all the lovely people make those early mornings easier to wake up for.  


~ Elle Pangalos


Cass and the FemmeFit trainers provide a fun and awesome all round workout. Every session is tailored for people of all fitness levels and self paced to meet the diversity of personal goals in each group session.  I love going to the morning sessions - the people are friendly to talk to, you’ve notched up some exercise before work and sessions certainly aren’t boring!!!  


~ Ruth P


A great Bootcamp! An inclusive environment where the trainers help make any required adjustments based on your skill set! Highly recommend for people of of varying fitness ability  


~ Lucy C


I was looking for something that would get me moving, enjoyable and did not make me feel like I didn’t fit in or was pressured. FemmeFit has definitely made me feel comfortable and I can work at my own pace and ability. Coaches are all friendly and all the ladies have been welcoming and fun to train with. If you are looking for a relaxed environment but have a great workout FemmeFit is highly recommended.


~ Natasha B

I have constantly been in and out of routines and have always hated the gym. I could never find exercises that suited me and most importantly, ones I wanted to continue long term. As we all do, I went into the new year determined to lose weight and get fit! I started my research and began considering doing PT as I can never seem to motivate myself. Long behold, I stumbled across Femme Fit...I loved the fact that this was an all women’s fitness group that offered various locations and timings (morning or afternoon). I decided to give it a crack and omg, best decision I ever did make!!! Here are a few of the reasons why:
1. It’s an all women’s group which makes me feel comfortable
2. Each session is different and keeps you on your feet (literally)
3. All sessions can be modified, based on your needs and ability
4. The instructors are great and super motivating (but not in a drill sergeant way)
5. The other women are friendly and nice which makes me not feel awkward coming on my own
6. The regularly Facebook posts such as the recipes and challenges of the week are really handy and insightful
7. It’s made me love working out in the morning!

So happy I have found something that sticks, 12 weeks is the longest I’ve consistently worked out and I am proud of myself and how far I have come. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Femme Fit community 


~ Tammy V

I joined the Woden sessions in February and couldn't be happier about my decision. I have greatly benefited from having a community that welcomes mums and bubs, even when I don't bring my own. Knowing my son is welcome makes me happy. Additionally, my instructor, Ashley is awesome, kind, friendly and knows how to push us to get the most out of the sessions. Finally, Cass does a great job at posting weekly challenges, healthy recipes and additional workouts on the Facebook page. Femme boot camp is a great community and surely helpful to set and attain fitness goals.


~ Adriana E

I have been with FemmeFit Bootcamp for almost 12 months and have loved every minute of it, particularly the fabulous trainers and other ladies that participate. I initially started at FemmeFit when I was offered a position with the Australian Army and I needed to get fit ASAP! Within 12 weeks I had gone from being able to do 0 push ups and a maximum of 20 sit ups, to getting 21 push ups and 100 sit ups in my ADF fitness test! I can only thank FemmeFit for this amazing progress and will continue to participate in this amazing boot camp until I inevitably have to depart Canberra! Thank you Cass and team for making fitness fun and enjoyable! 

~ Matilda D

Best boot camp ever. Every session was well thought out and different. The variety of exercises was always interesting, motivating and challenging. Warmup, training and cool down and stretching made up every session. Regardless of the number of girls, the intensity was always maintained . The trainer was always helpful in demonstrating exercises or advising of a substitute exercise if necessary. Communication via Facebook was very clear with detailed weekly sessions, supportive recipes and notes for fitness and health. After not exercising for some time I was surprised how quickly I gained fitness and strength. I had the best fun ever and highly recommend the boot camp as a professional and well organised fitness activity.


~ Helen Hancock

As someone who hadn’t exercised for a long time, I found the trainers to be understanding and compassionate, yet able to push me in an appropriate way. The trainers are very knowledgeable and focus on ensuring correct technique for the exercises. The group itself was made up of women of a wide range of abilities and fitness, but the camaraderie and support has been amazing and helped me to get through the tough sessions! Thanks Femme Fit for making exercising less daunting and helping me to achieve my goals.


~ Chelsea Holton

I have been going to Femme Fit bootcamp for the past 6 months and I absolutely love it. I like how varied the lessons are (always slightly different), so it never gets boring. Each location has its own trainers too, I haven’t had a bad experience with any of the trainers so far, they are all lovely and will modify exercises per each individuals needs. Definitely has given me so much more strength and I can see some small muscles peeking through! :) come and try it out yourself! 


~ Marit


These classes really get my heart racing and my body moving. There is so much variety and the workouts are never boring. I am always surprised with the ingenuity and I have fun - even at 6 a.m. The instructors are professional and provide options when required and encouragement to keep going press harder and challenge ourselves. I am really happy with how much my fitness level has improved since starting classes several month ago and I am so much stronger. The support we get in person and online really makes me feel like I am part of a family.  


~ Jenn


Cass and the team make me genuinely look forward to working out every week. The workouts change every session so I never have a chance to get bored. They are challenging sessions but the ladies are always happy to offer a modification if I need it which is awesome. In less than one round my fitness and strength had dramatically improved. Super impressed and recommend to anyone wanting to improve strength and fitness in a welcoming environment.  


~ Jess T


The team at FemmeFit are fantastic! The instructors know how to push you in the right way to get the most out of your workout & still make sure the classes are super fun and that you leave with a smile 


~ Amelia 


FemmeFit Bootcamp has been an amazing experience and I am loving it! The trainers are wonderful! They are so supportive and flexible especially with adjusting workouts to suit an individuals ability. The woman who attend are all supportive and continuously encourage each other during workouts. I would highly recommend this bootcamp to any woman, it is definitely worth the challenge!


~ Brigitte


FemmeFit is more than just a Bootcamp, It's a Fitness family. Within my experience i've improved my fitness, Seen a change in my health and made heaps of friends and had an overall great time.The Gungahlin location and the amazing instructor Blaize make everyone feel including, no matter your goals, limitations or your love and hate relationship with burpee's. High recommendation for any fitness level or anyone looking for a great group of females to help and support your goal with a great laugh and relationship as an added bonus. 


~ Sinead


Each workout is well planned and varied, and the trainers are enthusiastic and supportive. Communication is great and sessions have wet weather contingencies! Have been really impressed with my first experience at boot camp and my fitness has really improved over 12 weeks. 

~Sarah L

I am so happy I found FemmeFit Bootcamp! The classes are always fun and different! From traditional circuit and boxing classes to team puzzle challenges and card games! They keep you on your toes and sometimes you don’t realize how hard you’re working! The trainers are also great and so helpful. I came to FemmeFit with back injury that limited a lot of exercises I could do. They were always able to provide alternatives that are within my limits but still kept me working hard. I have managed to lose nearly 6kgs in 6 weeks whilst managing chronic back pain and that’s all thanks to FemmeFit. If you were like me and skeptical of “bootcamps” give it a go, you won’t be disappointed! 

~ Brianna

"I absolutely love this group. I find the girls really supportive.  Although I sometimes complain during training, I love the way I feel afterwards.  I would recommend this group to anyone!"

~ Mary-Anne

In 12 weeks, lost:

8kgs Body Weight

4% Body Fat

Total 37cms including 9cms from belly and 11cm from hips.  

I am stoaked with the results.  

~ Hayley

"From engaging and encouraging sessions, to online support and progressive feedback, when I see our trainers put 100% into their work, I try hard for myself and for them.  I am constantly amazed at what a supportive group of woman we have.  We're all there for different goals and are happy to see each other succeeding"

~ Jess 

"I really enjoy all the variety and games, it makes exercising so much fun and I love the sense of community that has been created within the group"
~ Marta 

I joined Femme Fit just weeks after arriving in Canberra for two reasons. To improve my fitness and to meet new people. I achieved both.  Femme Fit is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy, you’ll even have a laugh each session guaranteed. The trainers are fantastic and supportive, and who genuinely only want the best for you.

You have the option to take on weekly challenges and try healthy recipes each week. With the occasionally coffee date after the Saturday morning session which was a great way to socialise with your fellow bootcampies.

I have made new friends at Femme Fit who are like minded (share a mutual hate for burpees) and are honestly the sweetest girls.  Femme Fit is a non-competitive and a judgement free way to get fit and the best part is that it is FUN!

~ Lauren O

"The variety each day makes every session a new challenge.  From stair runs and battleropes to boxing and games, every day is different keeping it fun and exciting."

~ Sally

"I love the recipes we receive in the facebook group.  They are so yummy and help me cook exciting, healthy meals.  I really like that this program combines both exercise and diet, it motivates me to stay on track."

~ Sarah

When I started training with Cass at Femme Fit, I definitely had some weight to lose. I wasn’t sleeping well and was dealing with anxiety and low energy levels.  After just a couple of weeks, I could feel a big difference. I have completely toned up and my fitness has increased significantly. I am sleeping much better and am not as anxious.  I have made some wonderful friends and enjoy every single session I attend. It is impossible not to enjoy them; they are just so much fun!


I highly recommend joining Femme Fit’s supportive community, you won’t regret it! 

~ Alana R

There is so much to love about FemmeFit! The trainers are friendly and positive, the people to are lovely, it’s a great bunch of women and best of all there is so much variety. Each session is different so it’s not boring and a lot of the sessions incorporate games and challenges. I have really enjoyed this bootcamp.

~ Tess

This summer was the FIRST one where I could look back at photos and not cringe at what I saw. I'm the fittest I've ever been and have made so many friends! I feel so much more confident. I can't believe that I have people that reach out to me now, and not me reaching for them!

~ Jess

I love that everyday there is a different exercise and the trainers are able to adapt all the exercises and activities to suit different fitness levels and injuries. It is an awesome environment to work out in and I would definitely recommend!


~ Shannon

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the ladies involved with Femme Fit Bootcamp. The trainers are wonderful and super helpful. It’s always fun with something different every time. For the first time in my life I can do proper push ups! Highly recommend!  


~ Jo

I joined Femme Fit this term wanting to get fit again. I had been a competitive athlete in my youth and did CrossFit for 11 years including 4 years of coaching. Then menopause hit and everything went downhill. I couldn’t do the heavy lifting or intensity anymore. After 18 months of little to no exercise I joined femme fit. This program deserves every star I ticked
It’s all female
It’s encouraging and supportive
It’s outdoors and we train with a great view
It’s challenging and scales up or down to your level of fitness
It’s helped me lose the menopause weight and get back to training with a smile.
Cass and her team are awesome and I love it all



Fantastic - love the variety of the workouts! Very inclusive and supportive team which I really enjoy.


~ Danielle

Best thing I have done for myself. I love the variety, trainers and the group. Thanks for helping me make myself a priority again 😊


~ Sarah

I have only been with FemmeFit for roughly 2 months. However, I am absolutely loving it! The trainers are so amazing and motivating. This bootcamp works so well with me being at uni full time and being on call. I have never attended a session I didn’t like and I would 110% recommended it to anyone!!
I’ve loved that it’s a women’s only group too, this was one of the main reasons I enjoyed after trying many other programs. Each session I have been able to go at my own speed and slowly build up my strength, which has been completely different compared to other boot camps I’ve attended


~ Kate O

FemmeFit Bootcamp is a great way to kick start a new exercise routine. Definitely suited to all ages and all fitness level with great trainers who are super supportive and enthusiastic even at 6am! 


~ Hannah B

I have done one term with Femme Fit Bootcamp. The trainers are amazing and encouraging and will modify exercises to accommodate any injuries and will also push you to work harder to get the most out of your work out


~ Kelly-Anne

It a safe place where no one judges you on your abilities. I have made great friends for a lifetime and we work hard and laugh harder!


~ Kirsty P

My experience with FemmeFit was my first experience with bootcamps and I'm proud I took the leap. It's providing me with the motivation I need in a friendly and safe space. I'm coming towards the end of my second round (6 months in) and my 34-year-old body feels stronger and minor aches and pains have settled. 


~ Maria K

FemmeFIT Bootcamp is fantastic! I have been attending morning sessions in the city for a year and a half and I am still challenged and I haven’t done the same session twice. Sally is motivating, gives clear instructions and makes sure the entire session time is used. The culture is fantastic and I am fitter, stronger and happier for going!  


~ Ellen L