Femme Fit Bootcamp strives to provide fun and challenging workouts with loads of variety.  Rarely doing the same session twice, you will get a huge range of training styles to keep your training exciting.  Some of these training styles will include:


- Boxing 


- Strength Training

- Circuits

- Stairs & Hills

- Cardio Based 

- Agility and Power 

- Legs and Booty 

- Abs and Core   

- Fitness Games 

- Fitness Challenges and More...

Every session is different and is designed to get awesome results, toning all over, increased fitness levels and overall strength.  The sessions are designed to cater for all fitness levels and sessions can be taken at your own pace, perfect for beginners.  There is also the option to take on harder variations which is great for those who have been exercising for a while and want to take their fitness to another level. 


But we are not just a bootcamp, we offer so much more...

- Work in 12 week blocks, great for goal setting

- Access to our closed Facebook group

- 2 New Healthy Recipes a week 

- Online workouts

- Weekly Challenges 

- Access to an 8 Week Meal Plan to kick start your diet (additional cost)

- Dietary Guidance

- Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset Articles

- Technique Refresher Classes 

- Ongoing support & motivation

- Additional accountability if needed

- Food Diary & Goal Setting

- Social events to mingle with your Femme Fit Family

- AND runs all year round

But wait, there is even more... 

We have teamed up with other health professionals to expand our ability to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Some of these things are included in the bootcamp cost.  Others are an additional cost, but at a discounted rate. 

- PILATES CANBERRA - pilates sessions will run in each location throughout the warmer months, helping you strengthen and train your core for optimal training and minimising injury. (included)

- BALANCED YOGA - Yoga sessions will run occasionally in the warmer months to help stretch out sore tired muscles and help with flexibility and mindfulness.  (included)

- BODY SCANS - We have teamed up with The Healthy Eating Clinic to provide you with the ultimate scale to track your progress.  Ditch the dodgy bathroom scales and get an in-depth analysis of your body composition and see how your body changes over the course of each round.  (additional cost) 

- THE HEALTHY EATING CLINIC - our dietitian friends, here to help you with all your in depth dietary needs.  Including nutrition talks to get you up to speed and on the right track with your healthy eating.  (nutrition talks included, dietician appointments additional cost)

- WOMENS HEALTH/PELVIC FLOOR PHYSIO - we have a wonderful pelvic floor physio who runs group pelvic floor education and strengthening classes so you can continue to workout with confidence.  (included)

Now is the time to make the next step in your health and fitness journey.  Join us today to become fitter, stronger and healthier!